Focus and Scope

IJIIS expects to publish articles that investigate, critically assess and foster intellectual exchanges at the theoretical, philosophical as well as applied levels of knowledge on interreligious and intercultural matters. Its main purpose is to generate scholarly exchanges of ideas, criticisms and debates on the realities of religious life in a complex, multicultural world.

IJIIS welcomes any original research articles, scientific essays and book reviews that explore various avenues for religious cooperation, healthy interaction and conversion, as well as multi-subjective forms of participation in religious rituals and cultural festivities. IJIIS is particularly interested in articles and essays, which specifically deal with the following topics: 

  1. Baliology, the science of Bali Hinduism, its interaction with other Indonesian religious traditions, local cultures, globalization, tourism industry, and others.
  2. Hindu-Muslim studies in Indonesia, India and other parts of the world.
  3. Religio-cultural diversity, norms and values in the context of a globalized and digitalized world.
  4. Multi-, inter- and trans-disciplinary methodologies in examining religion and culture.
  5. Secularism and secular worldview in a variety of religious and cultural-specific contexts.