• I Gusti Agung Paramita Universitas Hindu Indonesia
Keywords: Disaster, Religion, Local Wisdom


This article discusses disaster in the viewpoint of religion and local wisdom of Bali. In Balinese culture, between the bhuana agung and bhuana alit have an integralistic relationship. Whatever happens in the bhuana agung, has a direct relationship with bhuana alit - and vice versa. All kinds of ritual activities undertaken by Hindus in Bali to glorify and maintain cosmic balance are based on the emergence of a human consciousness centered on nature (cosmos). This is where ecocentrism comes into being. All human religious expressions are oriented towards the cosmos - purifying mountains, lakes, forests, and seas. In phenomenological perspective, the intentionality of human-centered consciousness of nature has shaped the beliefs and culture of Balinese society. Disaster awareness also emerges from this pattern. Balinese people use natural signs to explain the occurrence of the disaster. At least, this is implied in some texts, especially Roga Sangara Bumi, Bhama Kertih and Lebur Gangsa.


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I Gusti Agung Paramita, Universitas Hindu Indonesia

Fakultas Ilmu Agama dan Kebudayaan

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I. G. Paramita, “BENCANA, AGAMA DAN KEARIFAN LOKAL”, ds, vol. 18, no. 1, pp. 36-44, May 2018.

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